Elecro HR UVC Steriliser 30w Mini Classic

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Classic 30w For Pools up to 30m3 (8000 gallons)

  • Classic 30w For Pools up to 30m3 (8000 gallons)
  • The H.R.UV-C, achieves up to 95% reflectivity optimising UV-C radiation and increasing performance.
  • 100% sea and saltwater compatible
  • The inside surface casing is super repellent and is self-cleaning.
  • State of the art electronics indicate when the lamps are not producing enough UV-C and need to be changed.
  • Compatible with and compliments all traditional treatment methods including; Chlorine, Bromine, Active Oxygen / Hydrogen Peroxide and Salt electrolysis
  •  Narrow and extended chamber ensures maximum exposure to the powerful UV-C
  • Long lamp life up to 9,000 hours
  • Easy to use and install, can be retro-fitted to any existing pool system.
  • A self-cleaning system, reduces the need for maintenance
  •  Supplied with T-Piece and flow switch for installation.


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