Swimming Pool Filters

Filters remove small particles from the water by trapping them in sand or glass, before returning the cleaned water to the pool. We have a range of High Quality top and side mount filters
Pool size Approx. Gallons Ave 4’6” depth Pump size Filter size
10’ x 20’ 5,600 0.5hp 480mm
12’ x 24’ 8,100 0.5hp 480mm
14’ x 28’ 11,000 0.75hp 610mm
15’ x 30’ 12,700 0.75hp 610mm
16’ x 32’ 14,400 1.0hp 610mm
18’ x 36’ 18,200 1.0hp 610mm
20’ x 40’ 22,500 1.5hp 762mm

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