Swimming Pool Pumps

A reliable pump is the heart of a swimming pools circulation system, ensuring the water is filtered and chemicals are evenly distributed.
We stock two ranges the Market Leading STARITE and the tried and trusted ESPA

Pool size Approx. Gallons Ave 4’6” depth Pump size Filter size
10’ x 20’ 5,600 0.5hp 480mm
12’ x 24’ 8,100 0.5hp 480mm
14’ x 28’ 11,000 0.75hp 610mm
15’ x 30’ 12,700 0.75hp 610mm
16’ x 32’ 14,400 1.0hp 610mm
18’ x 36’ 18,200 1.0hp 610mm
20’ x 40’ 22,500 1.5hp 762mm

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