Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

How Does A Heat Pump Work?

A Swimming Pool Heat Pump is an efficient way of heating your Swimming Pool as it uses advanced refrigeration technology to capture the heat in the outside air and transfer it to your swimming pool water. It works in fact like a fridge in reverse. For every unit of electricity that you put in to run the compressor you will get approx. 4.6 units of heat out of the heat pump- so nearly 80% of the energy is FREE!
To heat your pool correctly you will need to run your filtration for a minimum of 12 hours a day throughout the season and use a solar cover when the pool is not in use.
Please note that these products are supply only, we do not install or arrange installation.

DuraPlus Heat Pumps


  • High efficiency coefficient up to 6.0
  • For heating and cooling
  • "All seasons" model that operates down to -10°C
  • Easy digital temperature control with LCD display
  • Cabinet in corrosion proof material
  • All functions are microprocessor controlled
  • Quiet running with low sound rotary and scroll compressors
  • Low noise fan
  • Two speed ventilator for very low noise running
  • R410a for an environmentally friendly operation and higher efficiency
  • Titanium heat exchanger resistant to salt and chlorine
  • High efficiency at low outside temperatures
  • The energy is collected from the air outside and transferred to the pool water using the same technology that is used in air-conditioning units and fridges. For each single kW used by the Duratech Dura+ heat pump, between 5 and 6kW are returned to the pool as heat.


For the first year both parts and labour are warranted.
After the first year parts only applies to the following:
The condenser and compressor 3 years.
The heat exchanger 5 years.

Use Dura+14 for pools up to 15x30 ft, Dura+19 up to 18ft x 36ft, Dura+22 up to 20x40ft and Dura+30 above that.

ComfortLine Heat Pumps

Comfortline heat pumps offer an ideal solution for
heating small-medium sized outdoor swimming pools for UK
summer & extended summer seasons.


  • Inverter Technology
  • Reduced running costs
  • Spiral Titanium Heat Exchanger
  • Variable Speed Compressor
  • Sleek Corrosive-resistant Casing
  • Intelligent Digital Control System
  • Quiet Operation
  • 5 year warranty on heat exchanger
  • 2 year general warranty

COMFORTLINE prices include UK mainland delivery.


Pool Surface AreaElectricLPG GasOilNatural
sq ftsq mtre     

Note: All figures are approximate and intended as a guide only (prices excluding VAT where applicable.)
These figures are based on the following:
1. Outside air temperature minimum 8°C and pool water temperature of 27°C
2. Site subject to normal wind exposure and no ground water.
3. The use of a floating solar cover.
4. Pool uncovered 3 hours per day
5. The above figures provide an approximate running cost per summer season for each method of heating (and are intended a guide only, and should not be used as exact figures (we cannot be held responsible for any variations to the above on specific installations.)

Type of Fuel Cost
Oil 50p/ltr
LPG 40p/ltr
Natural gas 81p/therm
Electricity day rates 10p/kW/hr
Heatinverter heat pump 10p/kW/hr