Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

A pool water heat pump operates by extracting heat from the outside air and transfers it to the pool water using extremely reliable and very energy efficient technology.

A heat pump will heat any pool to the desired swimming temperature and maintain this throughout the swimming season, as long as the correct size and type of heat pump is selected.


Pool Surface Area Electric LPG Gas Oil Natural
sq ft sq mtre
250 25 £1130 £774 £630 £490 £252


Note: All figures are approximate and intended as a guide only (prices excluding VAT where applicable.)
These figures are based on the following:
1. Outside air temperature minimum 8°C and pool water temperature of 27°C
2. Site subject to normal wind exposure and no ground water.
3. The use of a floating solar cover.

5. Pool uncovered 3 hours per day

6. The above figures provide an approximate running cost per summer season for each method of heating (and are intended a guide only, and should not be used as exact figures (we cannot be held responsible for any variations to the above on specific installations.)

Type of Fuel Cost
Oil 50p/ltr
LPG 40p/ltr
Natural gas 81p/therm
Electricity day rates 10p/kW/hr
Heatinverter heat pump 10p/kW/hr