Heat Retention Cover Round

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  • Use this calculator to price and order any size Round RaeGuard Heat Retention Cover for delivery to the UK.
  • Deliveries for UK covers are usually within 7 working days
  • European deliveries are currently not possible at a reasonable cost.

RaeGuard™ is the latest addition to the high-performance Guard product range, designed specifically to maximise heat retention through its tailored reflective properties. 
Featuring the unique GeoBubble™ Technology air cell design RaeGuard™ materials have the potential to save money, energy and resources.
RaeGuard™ offers up to 90% of the insulating performance of a traditional 5mm foam, but with a
significant reduction in the material cost.


  • Retain heat and maintain pool temperature
  • Reduce heating cost by up to 57%
  • Works on both indoor and outdoor pools
  • Eliminate evaporation by 98%
  • Reduce the environmental
    impact of your pool
  • With GeoBubble™ Technology
  • Hidden


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