Pool Pipework & Fittings

  • Avon Scientific stock Certikin UK manufactured swimming pool pipework, fittings, lights and bulbs.
  • Pool pipework fittings for domestic use are a nominal 1.5″ fitting.


1.5" 45 degree Elbow£1.40
1.5" 90 degree Elbow£1.50
1.5" Double Union Ball Valve£17.50
1.5" Hexagon Nipple p/t£1.60
1.5" pipe 3m length£15.00
1.5" Plain End Cap£1.35
1.5" Plain hosetail£1.75
1.5" Socket Nipple p/t£1.50
1.5" Socket p/f thread£1.95
1.5" Socket p/p£1.30
1.5" Socket Union fp/fp£5.95
1.5" Socket Union mt/fp£5.95
1.5" T piece p/p/p£2.50
1.5" Threaded hosetail£2.00
1.5" Threaded stop plug£1.50
2" to 1.5" p/p Reducer£1.75
2" to 1.5" th/th Reducer£2.35
Certikin Collar Weir Basket£18.00
Certikin eyeball inlet (liner)£16.00
Certikin Kornea£12.50
Collar Weir Basket complete£25.00
Complete Skimmer (concrete)£160.00
Complete Skimmer (liner)£165.00
Eyeball inlet (concrete)£12.00
Main Drain (concrete)£28.00
Main Drain (liner)£36.00
Main Drain Cover (domed)£26.00
Main Drain Cover (flat)£20.00
PTFE Tape£1.25
Replacement Bulb£35.00
Skimmer Lid£25.00
Underwater Light (concrete)£375.00
Underwater Light (liner)£415.00
Vacuum Point (concrete)£9.00
Vacuum Point (liner)£15.00
Wet & Dry Adhesive 240ml£10.50